About Genevieve

Genevieve Williams, a lifelong resident of the 7th District, in fact a 7th generation Missourian is originally from Neosho, Missouri in Newton County. She relocated to Springfield in January of 2013 to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at Missouri State University. She previously studied Alternative Energy at the MARET Center Crowder College in Neosho where she participated in three US Department of Energy Solar Decathlons. She has 2 years experience working in Economic Development and 4 years in New Media and Advertising and is a small business owner. She is the co-author of a field guide published by the University of Missouri Extension titled The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery outlining best practices and lessons learned after creating and managing the social media disaster recovery community Joplin Tornado Info and pioneering the Disaster Info model. Genevieve is a proud Citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and is a direct descendent of Chickasaw Governor Winchester Colbert.

2 comments on “About Genevieve
  1. Tim foran says:

    Will you run again? Billy long can be beat with a systematic door to door campaign. He is the sleaziest sleaze bag in the whole sleazy Republican house caucus.
    I want to contribute (intellectually) what I can. Big money will not be necessary. People don’t watch TV commercials. If you are interested in running I sure would like to bounce a few ideas off you. I live in springfield and I am off this week. Email me we can win this house seat but we have to get going. Tim

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